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Bible Baptist Church has an exciting history. It is a mission work in the heart of the San Fernando Valley that was started by Missionaries Michael and Elaine McCubbins in 1984.

The McCubbins family arive in California

The McCubbins had spent the previous 14 years in Paraguay, South America planting churches and founding a Bible Institute and Seminary. By 1983, the Bible Institute and Seminary had produced graduates that were capable of taking over the pastorates of the churches in Paraguay. The McCubbins then began to seek God's will for where He would have them serve next.

Shortly after returning to the United States, while sitting in an optometrist's office, Pastor Mike began to read a magazine article about the changing population of Los Angeles. God began to work in his heart. Through this article and further inquiries with the Census Bureau,
church services held in pastors homethe McCubbins realized that this population transformation meant that there were more Spanish-speaking people living in the greater Los Angeles area than in the entire country of Paraguay.

The McCubbins became convinced of God's clear leading in their lives. In answer to His call, they moved to Los Angeles in June of 1984 to plant bilingual churches that would meet the needs of the changing population.

swimming pool used for baptismThe first services were conducted in the McCubbins' home. Bedrooms became Sunday School classrooms and the living room an auditorium. Baptisms were performed in a church member's backyard pool.

God blessed and in just a few months it became necessary to find larger facilities. 

The church rented a 1,000 sq. ft. storefront and transformed it into Bible Baptist Church.

Bible Baptist rents storefront on Saticoy

The grocery store and other businesses in the shopping center provided an opportunity for church members to reach out to shoppers with tracts and invitations to the church services. God continued to bless and it was soon necessary to move again.
Bible Baptist Church buys property
The church then rented a 5,000 sq. ft. office building. When the three-year lease was up, God marvelously opened the door for Bible Baptist Church to purchase the church building in Arleta that it presently occupies.

While the new facilities provided ample room for growth, they were in need of massive renovation. Everyone pitched in to help and many developed new skills in the process. Lawyers became carpenters, nurses wielded paint rollers, and computer technicians laid tile.

work crew ds Sunday school classrooms

Today, the beautiful, comfortable facilities are a reminder of the labor of love and the dedication of the members of Bible Baptist Church.

Bible Baptist Church auditorium

Bible Baptist Church is a lighthouse to the surrounding community. God's purpose for mankind is that they would honor, serve, and fellowship with Him. This cannot be accomplished apart from knowing Him. The church must reach out and bring them in.

The history of Bible Baptist Church is exciting because it reminds us of how richly God has blessed us in the past. As we look to the future, we anticipate the great things that God will continue to do in our church and in our community as we strive to serve Him and reach others with the good news of salvation.

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