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Pastoral Staff

Pastor Mike and Elaine McCubbins Pastor Michael D. McCubbins

Mike and Elaine McCubbins were married on January 20, 1967. They have four grown children: Christina, Lisa, Daniel, and Michelle.

After serving a short time as an assistant pastor in the USA, the McCubbins went to Paraguay where they were involved in Evangelism and Church planting until 1983.

Tina, Lisa, Danny, and Shelly McCubbinsThen the McCubbins answered God’s call to serve Him in Los Angeles, California. After their arrival in Los Angeles, Mike and Elaine began Bible Baptist Church, a bilingual church within the city limits of Los Angeles, where he continues to serve as their senior Pastor.

The McCubbins have also planted two churches in Chihuahua, Mexico and have branch works in San Juanito and El Ranchito, Mexico.

Pastor McCubbins has written more than seventy books, mostly on theological studies for the Bible Institute. Since arriving in Los Angeles, Mike and Elaine founded the Bible Baptist Institute and Seminary and have started branches of the institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Asunción, Paraguay. Mike has also recorded classes for the Latin American Video College. Bible Baptist Institute and Seminary will soon have California State approval as a Bible College and Seminary.

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Michael and EstherPastor Michael Binzel

Michael and Esther Binzel were married on February 15th, 2013. They have three children: Nathan, Ruth, and Daniel.

Michael is the son of Pastor Johnny Binzel, missionary to Puerto Rico, and then to Honduras. After having grown up in a home as the son of a Baptist Pastor, Michael went to Pensacola Christian College to study Bible. Throughout these years, he received much instruction about the Word of God; however, he was an unsaved religious person.

Binzel kidsIt wasn't until Michael was 28 years old, under the teaching of Pastor McCubbins, that he finally understood that salvation was by faith alone in Christ's finished work on the cross, not on some prayer asking Christ into the heart. It was during this time that God placed the desire in Michael's heart to serve as a Pastor.

After serving and helping in his father's ministry in Honduras, while also studying in Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Michael was called to Bible Baptist Church of Arleta as the assistant Pastor. After his arrival in Los Angeles, he completed his studies in the Bible College, and was ordained as a Pastor. Michael and Esther continue to serve God in the ministry at Bible Baptist Church.

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