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The McCubbins family went to Paraguay as missionaries in January 1971.

Missionaries Pastor Mike and Elaine McCubbins with children

They first worked in the rural town of Itakyry, and then moved to the jungle where their job was to contact a group of nomadic Indians called the Guayaki, or Aché. After the contact, Mike, being a trained linguist, worked on putting the Guayaki language into written form.

a church branch in Itakyry started by the McCubbins Mike McCubbins travels on his horse Thunder

Guayaki Indian with his bow and arrowMike and Elaine McCubbins in the jungles of Paraguay with Tina and Lisa

After their first furlough, the McCubbins went to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, where they were involved in church-planting. Mike started the Maranatha Association of Baptist Churches and served as its president for the first four years. He founded the Maranatha Baptist Bible Institute and Seminary and served as its president for eight years. He also taught classes and wrote the course books for more than half of the subjects.

Pastor McCubbins preaching at Maranatha Baptist Churcha branch of Maranatha Baptist ChurchPastor McCubbins performing a baptism in Paraguay

The McCubbins still have an active part in the ministry in Paraguay. They return almost every year to give Bible conferences and offer counsel and encouragement to the pastors.

Maranatha Baptist Bible Institute graduatesBy 1983 the work was in national hands and the McCubbins began seeking God’s direction for their next place of service.

It soon became clear that there was a tremendous need for a church planting among the millions of Spanish speaking people who had immigrated to Los Angeles. Confident that this was God’s will for them, Mike and Elaine moved to Los Angeles in 1984.

After arrival in Los Angeles, Mike and Elaine planted a bilingual church within the city limits of Los Angeles, and a Spanish-speaking church just outside of L.A. They have planted two churches in Chihuahua, Mexico, and have a branch work in San Juanito, and another in El Ranchito, Mexico.

Mike has written more than seventy books, mostly on theological studies for the Bible Institute. Since arriving in Los Angeles they have also started the Bible Baptist Institute and Seminary and have started branches of the institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Asunción, Paraguay. They are presently helping the pastors in Puerto Cortes, Honduras open an institute there. Mike has also recorded classes for the Latin American Video College.
Pastor Michael and Elaine McCubbins

Bible Baptist Institute and Seminary will soon have California State approval as a Bible College and Seminary.

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